Ultimate Monitor Wallpaper Autochanger


UMWP Autochanger is a little tool for multi-monitors Windows users. I has two main features :

  • randomly and periodically change the wallpaper of all your monitors,
  • manage sets of wallpapers, allowing you to quickly change which images are used.
Version 2.0 (Installer) Version 2.0 (ZIP)


  • Windows 7/8 32/64bits


  1. Launch UMWP Autochanger.
  2. Click on the Add set button to add a new set.
  3. Once you have added your sets, click on the Refresh button, the wallpaper will randomly change every 60 seconds.

How it works ?

The core concept of UMWP Autochanger is sets. Basically sets are folders on your computer where the tool will search recursively JPEG/PNG/BMP/GIF files up to 3 levels deep.

Once configured the tool will choose a random set among all activated set, then choose one image file for each monitor. Finally the final wallpaper is built with these files and sended to Windows desktop manager.

The wallpaper is updated periodically, by default every 60 seconds (configurable).

Add, delete and activate sets

To add a set just click on the menu button, on right-click in the list and click , an explorer window will open to allow you to choose a folder.

To delete a set, right-click on it and click on .

To activate/deactivate a set, right-click on it and click on or . Active sets are marked with a icon and inactive sets are marked with a icon.

Edit sets

Right-click on a set and click on to edit it's properties, you can change the name, the style, the type, the mode and the shortcut (see dedicated section about shortcuts).

You can edit several sets together by selecting them before right-click. In this mode, names and shortcuts can't be edited.

There are two types available:

There are five styles available, the same as the default Windows 7 wallpaper manager:

There are two modes available:


In Configuration ‣ Options menu you can configure the update delay, the shortcuts and some other options.

The Defaults is used to define default type, style and mode for new sets.

Additionally you can export and import the configuration as a XML file, usefull if you plan the reset your system !


As we already seen, sets state can be changed in the main window. UMWP Autochanger also provides two mechanisms to quickly change the active set.

The first one is the Quick change menu available when you right-click on the system tray icon.

The second one are the keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are keys combinations you assign to specific sets or actions.

First of all you have to activate the feature in the main Options window, you can also configure Refresh, Hide/Show and Start/Pause shortcuts in this window.

The sets shortcuts are configured in their respective properties window. Many sets can have the same shortcut, thus they will be activated together, but actions shortcuts must be unique.

Warning: shortcuts are registered globally on the operating system, that means they can cause interferences with other softwares, so make sure the shortcuts you choose are not already used.


Sets can be reordered by drag-and-drop.

The Help ‣ Current files window allows you to check the names of the current images and open them by clicking on the thumbnail.

When you click on the close button of the main window, the application is not actually closed, it is hidden in the system tray. Click on Quit to close the application.

You can select multiple sets by pressing Ctrl and/or Shift while clicking, as in the Windows explorer.


Github repository